Auto Feed Coding Imprinter

Auto Feed Coding Imprinter

◎Feeding way:Automatic feed on the soction device.
◎Drivern by stepping motor, positioning accuracy ±1mm
◎PLC programmable controller.
◎Touch panel humen machine interface.
◎Can be set automatically stop the operation of the end of number counts.
◎Inflatable separation technology and atatic eliminator device.
◎Suitable material of bags:PA/PE, OPP, OPCP, paper, folding paper, double bags,aluminum.
◎Equipped with air blowing separation technology (optional static elimination device)
◎Suitable for installing coding imprinting, thermal printing or inkjet printer.
◎Attached to the front and rear fixed discharge table, the discharge depth is 150mm.
◎Apply to be printed on product size:
            Length: 100 to 350mm
            Width:  100 to 350mm
            Thickness:0.15 to 3.0mm
◎Printing speed: 40pcs/min (fastest).
◎Air compressor extra needed.

Description & Specifications




110V or 220V 50/60Hz

Coding area

4mm x 28mm(Standard 2rows)

Coding row

Standard 2 lines/Special order for 3 lines

Letter's size & Material

High quality brass letters
2mm(W) x 4mm(H)

Black ribbon





1450L x 700W x 600H(mm)